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South Dakota Pheasant Population

Ringnecks Hunting Lodge is located in Lyman County, in central South Dakota. Lyman County has recently been referred to as a “pheasant factory” by the director of S.D. Game Fish & Parks. The 2014 SD GF&P pheasant brood count indicates a 147% increase in the Lyman County pheasant population compared to 2013! Conditions for nesting have been great this spring, so we are expecting a very good year for pheasant hunting!

Central S.D. has the highest number of pheasants, specifically Lyman County. The 2014 Game Fish & Parks Pheasant Brood Count indicates Lyman County has QUADRUPLE the number of pheasants as the state’s average. With Ringnecks Hunting Lodge having private access to over 20,000 acres of some of the most spectacular pheasant hunting ground all over Lyman County, you will be in for a great hunt!

I've hunted pheasants in South Dakota for 38 years now, and one thing I know from all those years is that central South Dakota, specifically Lyman County is "The Pheasant Capital" and Stephan at Ringnecks hunts all over that county.

Thomas Kincade — San Diego, CA (See more Testimonials)

South Dakota pheasant population

This table has been generated from data collected from the reports produced by South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks (2011 Pheasant Outlook, South Dakota Pheasant Brood Survey & 2010 Pheasant Hunting Survey Results).

We hunt all-wild pheasants, and our groups have all left with wonderful memories hunting at the home of the highest pheasant population in South Dakota.

Not as many birds this year, but that made the hunt more fun because we hunted longer and saw more of South Dakota habitat.

Hank Skidmore — Bellevue, Washington (See more Testimonials)

We got our limits every day we hunted, and were guided into good positions so every one of our 14 hunters got plenty of good shots.

Jim Loch - Beaverton, Oregon (See more Testimonials)

Always some of the best habitat I have hunted.

Chuck Michels — Wisconsin (See more Testimonials)


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This was our third hunt with Stephan and all have been great fun. I expected that we would have a harder time this year after hearing that the numbers were down considerably in South Dakota even though the Presho area didn't sound nearly as bad.

Our pheasant population in central Iowa is devastated so we were looking forward to what has been our only real hunting of the year. Stephan put us on an incredible number of birds that I will remember forever. I had three days of seeing more birds in the air than I thought possible. Numerous times I didn't get a shot off because there were so many birds getting up that I couldn't pick one out.

When I was ready to shoot more kept getting up between me and the bird I had picked out. It is an awfully lot of fun to be confused by seeing too many pheasants in front of your gun.

We felt like we were in a pheasant hunter's heaven for the three days we hunted. I will never forget the memories from these trips. Great time. Thank you, Stephan!

Joe Weaver — Marshalltown, IA (See more Testimonials)


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